Coke, Su Su

Coke, Su Su

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Thirteen-color silkscreen, 2 APs Paper size: 30 x 22 in. Paper type: Arches 88 Collaborating printer: Matthew Van Asselt at Pullproof Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Signed by the artist. 2020. 

Limited edition of 20.

Often referencing American pop culture and her Chinese background, Su Su’s work explores personal reminiscence, cultural anxiety, and societal deconstruction under globalization. Su Su’s view of global cultural distortion is reflected in the unconventional use of media and an experimental technique the artist has created of extruding oil paint via medical syringe onto and through a porous synthetic fabric. The technique creates warped topographies of imagery resurfaced on the other side of the “canvas.” Su Su’s work was seen in State of the Art 2020 at the Momentary and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art from February to August 2020.

For this limited edition print, Su Su says, “Have a Coke was inspired by my experience as an expatriate, living in the United States for nearly 10 years. Similar to an octopus, I see myself as a creature who is always adapting to a changing environment. In the print, the octopus is trying to fit into the surrounding environment, while at the same time enjoying the moment by having a coke, one of my favorite drinks.”

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