Echo Transference, Peter Everett

Echo Transference, Peter Everett

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Seven-color lithograph, 8 APs Paper size: 28 x 20 in. Paper type: Arches 88 Collaborating printer: Wayne Kimball. Signed by the artist. 2020.

Limited edition of 20.

Peter Everett creates works that explore the immediate visual power of abstract forms. Much of Everett’s inspiration ties back to painting. “Paint is very tactile and physical—I love how it moves, looks, and smells,” Everett says. “While I frequently use a range of materials—including video, computer-based systems, and sculptural forms—all of my work is grounded in the physicality, history, and language of painting.” Everett’s work was seen in State of the Art 2020 at the Momentary and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art from February to August 2020.

For this limited edition print, Everett says, “This print is part of my current exploration of forms, characters and narratives that loop and grow non-linearly. These narratives often exist between the apocalyptic and magical, frequently locating themselves in the quiet before or after an event.”

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